What can I expect from each episode?

We are a few short weeks away from the release of our first mini-series on Catholic fiction, and as we approach our launch date (October 1!), I wanted to give a brief explanation of what you can expect each time you press that precious play button.

  1. Our podcast is in a storytelling format. Narration and interviews are interwoven to create concise and (God-willing) compelling stories about a certain topic or theme in the Catholic American experience.
  2. Our podcast is no longer than 25 minutes long. Even though storylines and themes can be spread out between episodes, we wanted to keep our stories short so as to have the greatest amount of impact in the shortest amount of time. Plus, we figured for any podcast newbies out there, a 20 minute podcast might be less intimidating :).
  3. Our podcast includes people of all races, genders, ages, and yes, even faith groups. While our themes are focusing on the Catholic American experience, sometimes experts in certain fields are outside of our faith group. THIS.IS.OK. We wanted our episodes to be as educational and enjoyable as possible, and this meant finding individuals who are uniquely qualified to help tell our stories, whether Catholic or not.
  4. We are releasing four episodes at a time, all within the same theme or series. This is an entirely new venture, and frankly, I’m not sure if anyone else does it this way! We had a couple of reasons for this, but the heart of the matter is that we didn’t want to separate our series out over the course of the month. We decided to release one “themed” series on the first of every month to the general public, and let the listener decide how to proceed. Listen to an episode a week? Go for it! One a day? Sure! Binge listen while making dinner and (possibly?) neglecting the screams of your littles? No judgment here! For this first season, we thought we’d give this release structure a try. We’d love your feedback on this format at the end of our season!
  5. We are hoping to eventually add advertisements from other Catholic businesses, start-ups, podcasts, and authors. We love the idea of a shared creative space where entrepreneurs, artists, and the faithful alike can come and learn about the amazing opportunities to support others within the faith community. If you are interested in advertising your business, please reach out! We’d love to hear from you!

When you get a chance, please subscribe to and share the news about our podcast. We’d love the support! We’ll see you on October 1!


2 thoughts on “What can I expect from each episode?”

  1. Looking forward to more of your podcast! Congryand way to continue with your work. You are the voice that we need to hear!

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