Shownotes: Episode One

“The Case for Fiction”

What is so unique and special about the experience of reading fiction? Can reading (and writing!) fiction be a spiritual experience? In our inaugural episode, Jules talks to experts from all over the country in the attempt to make the case for why we should each be reading fiction on a weekly (or even daily!) basis.

Episode Interviews include:

Nick Ripatrazone: For information about where to find Nick’s writings and his upcoming book, please visit his website.
If you’re interested in reading Nick’s article which was a source of inspiration for this series, you can find that here.

Dr. Ralph Wood: If you’re interested in purchasing Dr. Wood’s various writings, please visit his website. To see how incredibly brilliant Dr. Wood is in person, watch this wonderful video (bonus points for all you Tolkien nerds out there!)

Dappled Things: We will be speaking about Dappled Things at greater length in later episodes, but if you just can’t contain your excitement for the wonderful work these talented writers and artists are doing, check out there website and please, pretty please, purchase a copy of their recent journal. You won’t regret it!

Well-Read Mom: If the brilliance and charm of Marcie and Susan didn’t immediately make you want to join or start your own Well-Read Mom, well then I have failed. 🙂 All joking aside, please visit their website to learn more about the organization, how to find current book clubs in your area, and donate to their incredible work.

If you loved the music we played in this episode, please visit Shaun Garrison’s website and download his newest single. Shaun is an old friend and was so gracious in letting us use his music for our intro and throughout our episodes. Please support his music and his ministry by purchasing his album Exceeding.

In the process of researching Catholic musicians and artists for this series, I discovered my newest obsession in the form of the Mosleys: a husband and wife duo from Georgia who are just incredible. Please check them out and support them by purchasing their music!

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