Shownotes: Episode Two

As you move through Catholic literary circles, one name almost always seems to rise above the rest: Flannery O’Connor. In Part II of our Fiction Series, I ask our experts one central question: what was so great about Flannery O’Connor? And what are we to make of her dark, grotesque style as a Catholic literary icon?


Curious about Flannery’s upbringing and her rise through some of the most influential writing circles in the country? Please visit the website of Flannery’s childhood home and learn all about the childhood of Catholic America’s favorite daughter, as well as their lecture series and other events!

Works of Flannery you really should be reading (no really, read them):

Here’s a wonderful article from a few years ago in the New Yorker, which includes a fascinating section about Flannery almost meeting the great civil rights icon, James Baldwin.

Want to connect more with other Flannery aficionados? Visit Brian’s website for information about Flannery’s life, writings, and to connect with Flannery fans from all over the world!

Many of today’s experts you’ve heard from before! In case you’ve forgotten, here’s some information about the brilliant people we’ve spoken with today!

Nick Ripatrazone: For information about where to find Nick’s writings and his upcoming book, please visit his website.
If you’re interested in reading Nick’s article which was a source of inspiration for this series, you can find that here.

Dr. Ralph Wood: If you’re interested in purchasing Dr. Wood’s various writings, please visit his website. To see how incredibly brilliant Dr. Wood is in person, watch this wonderful video (bonus points for all you Tolkien nerds out there!)

Well-Read Mom: Susan, a contributor to Well-Read mom, offers some insights into her love of Flannery and the necessity of “realness” when it comes to characters within Catholic fiction. We actually read some of Flannery’s short stories for Well-Read mom,  website to learn more about the organization, how to find current book clubs in your area, and donate to their incredible work.

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