Shownotes: Episode Four

A Prayer in the Furnace

In the final episode of our four part series on Catholic fiction, we talk to two brilliant Catholic authors who have had success in both religious and secular circles. Through the course of our conversation, we uncover more about what a modern Catholic literary revival could entail, and, more importantly, why fiction is important in our journey of faith.

Suzanne Wolfe: Interested in Suzanne’s latest book, Confessions of X? You can purchase it here or read a review here. Suzanne and her husband, Greg Wolfe, founded a literary arts journal Image Journal in 1989. You can read the brilliant writing of many talented writers and poets here.

Phil Klay: National Book Award winner Phil Klay was gracious to answer questions about his brilliant, award-winning book of short stories, Redeployment. Purchase a copy here, or read some of Phil’s additional writings here. Phil was also recently awarded the 2018 Laureate of the George W. Hunt, S.J., Prize for Journalism, Arts & Letters. Congrats Phil!

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