Part One: Creating with the Creator

Laurence’s icons of Christ and the Blessed Mother. They are even more break taking in person

Why are we drawn to create? Why do we spend so much time, money, and dedication to a craft which may (or may not!) end up the way we envision?

In today’s episode, we dive into the idea that we were made to participate in the creative act alongside our Good Creator. In fact, when we do this, we may be even more of who we were called to be.

Guests featured for today’s episode:

Laurence Pierson: Check out Laurence’s Facebook page for information about her works and just to be in awe of the incredible gift she is to the Church.

Fr. Gerard Alba: Follow Father Alba on Instagram for a glimpse at some of his extraordinary work

Interested in the Created Book? Check out Cory’s website for more information. They make wonderful coffee table books and spiritual reading! 🙂 And visit Cory’s organization’s website for more information about his work and how you can be involved.

David Clayton has a brilliant new book, The Way of Beauty, which discusses everything from art to education. Make sure you check it out!

Elizabeth Lev is brilliant and has amazing insights on the importance of art in the faith. Please visit her website for more information about her writings, and if you’re ever in Rome, for tour information!

Music for today’s episode:

Words and Music by Francis Cabildo 
© 2018 Francis Cabildo. Released as Single. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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