A Prayer and a Pen

I have loved doodling my entire life. For years in school (including graduate school!) I found myself doodling letters, shapes, even small animals in the margins of my notebooks and journals. The simple distraction of my hands allowed my brain to focus, creating a love of learning and a genuine desire to want to learn more.⁠⁠

And yet, I can honestly say this, I don’t EVER remember bringing doodling into my prayer life. I never–EVER–have brought in a blank page and simply allowed the pen (ahem Holy Spirit) to do the work.⁠⁠

In today’s episode, I try to seek out the answer to WHY I never embraced the careful beauty of the doodle in my own prayer, and how praying through pen and paper, whether through hand-lettering, art, or the beautiful doodle, can actually be a way to grow in our spiritual lives and be more of who we are made to be.⁠⁠

Featured in today’s episode:⁠
Sybil MacBeth, bestselling author of “Praying in Color”
Ali Hoffman, curator of the Instagram page The Oodles of Doodles
⁠Katerina Deem, curator of The Little Way Design Company
⁠Christie Peters, founder of Every Sacred Sunday

Music for Today’s Episode:

“Invitation,” by Rita West (thank you to Novum Records for letting me feature Rita’s song!)⁠⁠

We’re halfway through the season and will be taking our mid-season break! Our next episode will be released On the Feast of the Assumption (August 15).

⁠Blessings, Jules⁠

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