A Yarn Along, and the Power of Beauty

A Yarn Along, and the Power of Beauty

Ginny Sheller, “Small Things”

In the first installment of our FEATURE BLOGGER series, I talk with one of my all time favorite bloggers, Ginny Sheller of “Small Things.” During our discussion, we talk about our mutual love of all things yarn, the importance of creating in our everyday lives, and the power of beauty to draw the audience (ever so subtly) into the great Mystery of God, the Source of all Beauty. I can’t really describe why, but this is my favorite episode I’ve done so far. It’s honest, funny, and beautiful. I hope you like it as much as I do 🙂

For information on Ginny’s blog, check out her website here. I highly recommend looking into her monthly Yarn Along, as well as her incredibly beautiful shop. If you love looking at beautiful photography, much of what Ginny posts on her blog can also be found on her Instagram.

God bless you, and we’ll see you Thursday 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Yarn Along, and the Power of Beauty”

  1. I am also a reader of Ginny`s blog. Living in Sweden, far away I am always looking forward to see her name in my inbox. Thank you Ginny. God bless you.
    From my heart

    P.S I a curious about the music – please tell me who it is. It is beautiful!

    1. Hello there! I’m so happy you liked it! The music is from an incredible husband/wife band called the Mosleys and their album “Ordinary Time.” It’s well worth a listen!

  2. I have read Ginny’s blog for several years now. Her blog always encourages me to look for the beauty that surrounds me as well as being busy with my hands( I cross stitch). I also enjoy Ginny’s book recommendations. Cardinal Sarah’s book was a particular favorite that Ginny recommended. She has made a big impact on my life!

  3. Where to begin, well I think with the fact that I so appreciate the opportunities offered by the Internet and all these little clicks that bring us closer together across the world. I love Ginny’s blog and visited here after reading her “November Light” post. It is so strange to hear her speak when I only know her voice through her written word and her photographs. I thank you, Julieanne, for giving us this opportunity to know her a little more. Now I’m looking forward to listening to more of your podcasts. I’ve the joy of catching up on the earlier ones – and can rest easy as far as my conscience is concerned as I can be doing chores at the same time!

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