Simcha Fisher and the Authenticity Dilemma

“Simcha Fisher and the Authenticity Dilemma”

In today’s episode, we primarily talk to one blogger, whose decade-long career has, in many ways, personified the ups and downs of the Catholic blogosphere. To begin, we speak to others in the Catholic blogging world about how they engage with their audiences, including dialoging with believers and non-believers alike about important topics concerning the Catholic faith. For information on these bloggers, please refer to past Shownotes for references to their work.

For the second half of our episode, we speak to Simcha Fisher, on her journey in the blogging world, the impact of blogging in her own life, and in the greater Church culture. Simcha’s story is honest, humbling, and funny, as she walks listeners through the story of her career in blogging, including her rise as a star in the Catholic writing community, her reflections on motherhood, the campaign to get her fired from the National Catholic Register (and some of the other writings about her), and her mistakes along the way. I am incredibly grateful to Simcha for her speaking to me and for the lessons we all can learn from her story.

Simcha Fisher

A Note for next week: We will be releasing our next episode, “The Sisterhood” TWO DAYS EARLY (Tuesday, November 20) due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Additionally, we will resume our “Feature Stories” series the following week on Monday, November 26, with a chat with the lovely Katie Waldow. We’ll see you then :).

Blessings, Jules

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