The Golden Age, and The Legion of Decency

In our second episode of a four-part series on the Catholic subculture, we enter into the world of the movies. We speak with scholars and experts from all over the country to tell the story of the immigrant subculture in the post-War era. How were Catholics treated after living in the US for several decades and serving side by side with their fellow Americans? What happened to the Catholic ghetto communities in urban hotspots? And perhaps most interesting, how on earth did Catholics take over the world of Hollywood for two decades?

Today’s episode also features a dear friend and one of the holiest men I know, Dr. Joseph Burns. His insight, wit, and stories were the backdrop of this entire episode; I couldn’t have done it without him.

Dr. Maria Mazzenga: Education Archivist at Catholic University of America

Dr. Bill Portier: Professor of Theology at the University of Dayton, Director of PhD programs

Fr. Mark Massa, Professor of Theology at Boston College University, Director for the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Dr. Christopher Shannon, Assistant Professor of History at Christendom College

Swing on a Star
Words by Johnny Burke, Music by Jimmy Van Heusen
© 1943 As recorded in “Going My Way” All rights reserved. Used according to Fair Use regulations.

Words and music by Shaun Garrison.
© 2015 Shaun Garrison. As recorded on Exceeding All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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