“Girl, Arise!” in the Era of Me-Too

In the first episode of our mini-series “On My Bookshelf,” we chat with Catholic Feminist podcast host Claire Swinarski about her new book, “Girl, Arise!” In our episode, we dive into a brief history of American feminism, and understand how that story has contributed to the difficult, partisan fights we find ourselves in today.

Because here’s the thing; Claire has been immensely successful with her podcast and her mission. Her book is already in a second round of printing! What a gift!

And while 99% of that success is due to Claire, I think we would be missing an opportunity if we didn’t at least discuss the fact that Claire tapped into something when she started her podcast almost two years ago. Young women were longing for a voice to speak at the intersectionality of faith and feminism.

Today’s episode will address all of the ways in which Claire is using her voice to be a voice for other Catholic women, and how we are each called to stand up for basic human dignity each and everyday of our lives.

Many thanks to Dr. Angela Franks for her input in today’s episode; her expertise was invaluable.

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Words and music by Shaun Garrison. ¬© 2015 Shaun Garrison. As recorded on Exceeding. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Overcome© 2015 Sarah Kroger. As recorded on Overcome (single). All rights reserved. Used by permission

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