“Reed of God” and the Resurgence of Sheed & Ward

As we enter into March, two subsequent stories are playing out in our culture. On the one hand, American secular culture has just begun celebrating the achievements and gifts women have contributed to our society under the banner of Women’s History Month (culminating in International Women’s Day, which just passed us). This is a good and noble thing, and though often co-opted by groups sometimes fighting against the Church (specifically in pro-life causes), we should as a Church also promote this month as a way to honor and celebrate the women who have done so much for our world and for our faith.

But on the other hand, we have just this past week entered into the liturgical season of Lent, a seven-week spiritual journey into the greatest of depths of God’s Love for each of us. Our more intentional prayer, our fasting and self-giving, each are directed to the understanding that God so loved His world that He sent His Son to die so that we might have eternal life.

So the question ultimately becomes; what is a Catholic to do, to whom is a Catholic to turn in these paradox seasons/celebrations?

In our Blessed Mother, we see the best of both worlds. We see a woman of deep faith, immensely in love with God and her family, whose bravery and great fiat are the reason any of us are here today. There is no better woman to honor this month, no better model for each of us, than our beautiful Blessed Mother.

It is for this reason I chose to begin our Lenten journey AND the celebration of Women’s History Month with Caryll Houselander’s mighty work, “Reed of God.”

For our episode today, we’ll be chatting with St. Anselm professor of Theology Dr. Kelley Spoerl, who has studied and taught Caryll Houselander in various ways over the years, and whose passion for and deep understanding of Houselander and her theology makes her the perfect guest for today’s show.

Music for today’s show:

“Magnificat” by Sister Sinjin.

Looking to learn more about Caryll Houselander? Check out the original article I found by Dr. Spoerl here!

Interested in going deeper in your faith through a careful and casual study of literature? Think about joining a local Well-Read mom book club! (It’s how I found Caryll!)

Thank you everyone for your continued support. We’ll see you again in two weeks.

Blessings, Jules Miles

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