The Careful Art of Live Stories

In today’s episode, we dive into the world of beauty through the medium of theater. We talk with experts in the theater, including playwrights, directors, and actors, about how the medium can build bridges in today’s fractured world, why storytelling is essential in the Christian life, and how theater can move our hearts perhaps more than any other art form.

Featured guests for today’s episode:
Dr. David E. King, professor at Kennesaw State University. For more about David and his beautiful writings for the Church, check out the article I discovered for my research on storytelling in the Catholic tradition!

Jeremy Stanbary, executive artistic director of Open Window Theatre.

Cole Matson, Managing director of Open Window Theatre.

For more about Open Window and their beautiful work, please visit their website! (In particular, check out their CORE principles, as referenced in the episode!)

Laura Pittenger, playwright and director living in New York City. For more information about Laura’s work, please visit her website and the Sheen Center for information about the theater fellowship program and other talented playwrights putting together beautiful work for the archdiocese.

Music for Today’s Episode:

Heave Ho⁠
Words and music by Fr. Tansi.⁠© 2018 Love Good Culture. As recorded on Garden. All rights reserved. Used by permission from the artist.⁠

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