The Rise of The Blog

In the first episode of our four-part series on Catholic blogging, Jules walks listeners through the history of the blog in both secular and Church culture. Discussions include how and why the blog began, the power of the blog to form connections, and the Church’s somewhat confusing response to the blog and other forms of new technology.

Our greatest gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Katherine Schmidt, assistant professor of theology at Molloy College in NYC. Dr. Schmidt has spent most of her academic career studying the effects of technology and digital culture on the Church and the use of technology among people of faith. Her work and insights were invaluable to this entire project.

Dr. Katherine Schmidt, PhD

This episode also highlights a story from the great Fr. John Hollowell, who can be found blogging at “On this Rock,” for over a decade. The success of Fr. John’s blog also led to an incredible film, The Third Way, which explores the Church’s teachings on homosexuality and is incredibly honest, respectful, and beautiful. Please consider watching it and supporting other projects by Fr. John and his team.

As always, an incredible thanks to Shaun Garrison, whose music has helped shape our entire podcast. We are forever grateful for Shaun’s generosity in this endeavor.

Our bonus series, which we are calling “Feature Stories,” launches Monday, November 5 with a highlight on the remarkably talented blogger, Ginny Sheller. We’ll see you then 🙂

Blessings, Jules

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