A Bloody Habit and the Case for Gothic Fiction

After the incredible response we’ve received so far about our series on Catholic fiction, we decided to add a bonus episode about a rising star in the Catholic literary world.

Eleanor Bourg Nicholson

In today’s BONUS episode, we talk with Eleanor Bourg Nicholson, author of the new Gothic novel from Ignatius Press, A Bloody Habit. We talk to Eleanor about why Gothic literature is so important (and fascinating!), the modern misuse of the vampire story, and why skeptics and Dominican friars play a central role in her story.

The Veil of Veronica

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Here’s information about the upcoming celebration for Ignatius Press’ 40th Year in Catholic Publishing. Please make sure to visit their website, they are having all sorts of deals in honor of their milestone.

Thank you again to the Mosleys, who let me use their wonderful song “Running Out the Road.” Visit their website for more wonderful music!


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