The Case for Beauty


In the first episode of our new season, we start with a simple question: “WHY DOES BEAUTY MATTER?”

Under the guidance of three experts, David Clayton, provost of Pontifex University, Elizabeth Lev, art historian living in Rome, and Cory Heimann, creative director of Likeable art, we seek to answer that question and why beauty is important in our spiritual journeys. We also tell the story of an amazing couple, Ennie and Cana Hickman, about how they integrate beauty into their everyday lives.

Love reading about the importance of beauty in our daily lives? Consider David Clayton’s blog, the Way of Beauty, or some of these books from our guests for today’s episode:

Music for Today’s episode:

“For the Beauty of the Earth

“Words and music by Folliot S. Pierpoint (d. 1917)

Instrumentals Shawn Williams, Leah Sedelack

© 2015 As recorded on Origin (a beauty initiative within FOCUS). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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