Part Two: Praying with Creation

In the second part of our two-part series on creating, Jules tries to answer a question central to her own journey: what now? Now that we understand the spiritual significance of creating with our Creator, what are we to do with the creation itself? How can the creative works of artists also aid us in our spiritual journeys?

In today’s episode, we journey with Laurence Pierson, an artist we featured last episode, to understand the spiritual significance of icons, why praying with images is so central to certain Christian traditions, and how we each can integrate the arts into our prayer lives.

Beautiful icons Laurence recently completed for a local college chapel

Music for today’s episode:
“Humble Host,” Music and Lyrics by Corrie Marie Music. SINGLE RELEASE. Used with Permission. Check out Corrie’s website for more information about her single and any future music!

Check out the incredible work of Behold! Visio Divina at their website, including how to purchase their study guides and additional resources for praying with art.  

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